Extremely Rare Gen Sticker Flaw Star Merged With Heart Snort Red Bull Beanie Baby

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   Gen Change Sticker STAR MERGING WITH HEART Tush Tag Printing Flaw. 1995 "Snort" Red Bull ty Beanie Baby & Swing Tag Errors Condition is NEW. Red with White Accents & Black Eyes. Tag: Gen Change Sticker - Rare. Tag: Gen Change Sticker with Flawed Star Misprinted and Merged with the Heart - EXTREMELY RARE. Beanie Babies Oakbrook IL, U. T y HEART ® t y HEART. Means part of the Korean Market. Swing Tag on Snort's Ear. Swing Tag on Snort's Ear (Inside Right). DATE OF BIRTH : 5 - 15 - 95. DATE OF BIRTH: May 15, 1995. Although Snort is not so tall. He loves to play ...

Extremely Rare Vintage 1995 Snort Ty Beanie Baby Red Bull Plushie With Tag

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   Extremely rare, retired, Snort beanie baby! Was a limited edition, made for the Chicago Bulls era of 1995. This already rare beanie baby has an absurdly high number of errors that makes it a nearly one of a kind find. Has following errors/special markings that signify its collector's status. Swing tag = no comma after Oakbrook. Swing tag = listed with rare Fareham, Hants location. Swing tag = missing "UK" after P015 5TX. Swing tag = has style number next to name. Swing tag = has birthday written in all numerics, when it should be spelled out. Tush tag = star next to TY ...